Small or microweddings and elopements in Scotland have always been a valid alternative for brides and grooms who wanted to keep things intimate and simple, now they've become a necessity. 

If you've always pictured your wedding day having a large gathering and a big reception, I understand you might feel disappointed. 

But hear me out.

What matters to you?


Your wedding day in the end is not about having that big party (something you can still do at a later date) but having your love, your relationship, your friendship and your soulbond legally recognized and together become a Family.

It's about your commitment to this relationship, your devotion to each other.

All of the above still possible today.

You don't have to call off your plans, you either wait and have that big party if it's so much important or you adapt your plans to the situation.

And if you're willing to "compromise" you'll soon realise that's no compromise at all.

Your wedding day won't be any less magic, I promise!

Quiet, intimate, indeed, but any less special? Absolutely not!


If anything, the fact you're willing to give up your original plans just to get married to the love of your life shows just how much important taking this step forward is for you as a couple.

Besides, you're getting married during a global pandemic!

Imagine talking about this to your grandchildren one day?



All the photos in this page have been taken recently during Elopements and Small weddings during Covid Times in Edinburgh and around Scotland . I'm a Wedding Photographer based in West Lothian but happy to travel.

Do all these beautiful people look any less happy or excited or like they had to compromise to you?