Hello and welcome to my website!




I'm Silvya, I'm based in Edinburgh but I'm available anywhere in Scotland to frame your adventures!


Photography is a passion more than a job, to me. I love LOVE capturing moments who'll make people's memories even more special and everlasting. I'm eager to meet you and be part of your special day! Can't wait to hear what you're planning for your BIG day!



But if you're here for a portrait session, more than a wedding enquiry, I'm still your girl!! 

Did you give a peek at my gallery? I am always, ALWAYS up for something new and peculiar and new ways to capture one's true self. Drop me a line with your ideas!!



I'm also a Doll Artist and other things - but I won't annoy you with my blabber, for now! - 

I love my family so much and spending time with them is my fave part of the day!

We have a crazy parrot and a lazy dog who are part of it, of course. 

I'm so lucky to live in Scotland.. this is such a beautiful, wild, welcoming country.. I only have some problems with the Scottish  weather but it's part of the whole package, so give it or take it.. I'll take it, for now, thanks!

(Yes, I want to challenge my meteoropathy!)




Something about my photography: I'm ossessed with the use of natural light and definitely against excessive digital retouching.