My love for Edinburgh gave me the idea of creating an interesting, unique experience for tourists visiting the city, who are interested in an alternative way to experiment the city and in bringing home long lasting memories of your time here! What's best of hiring a professional photographer for the day to document your time here, with your partner, your family, or just on your own?

This is a combo shoot+mini tour of the city.

I can create a tailored photo walk/shoot for you! I assure you that you don't need any experience in modelling; I will guide you throughout the photo shoot.

My photo shoots are all held in a very laid back atmosphere. I'm a friendly person and I enjoy meeting people from all around the world.. my clients are awesome and I can't wait to meet you, too! Check out some of my last pics!


MINI TOUR of the city + Photo Shoot 


from 100 £


If you are more interested in a Pre-wedding or Engagement Shoot, let me know :)


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